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nanette gonzalezComment

We had maybe the craziest summer, ever. Filled with so many fun memories, I’m having trouble remembering what happened in the three months we were home. We went to California for a month and had a great time eating our favorite food and spending time with my brother, who just moved there with his wife! It was so fun having family there. We experienced our first earthquake and I would really love not to experience one again! I can’t get over how chill everyone was about it. The earth shakes and every one keeps going about their day. I may or may not have had a panic attack going to bed that night. But anyway, it was an experience. The girls had a crazy growth spurt. Sienna grew a legit shoe size in a few months and Penny is looking more like Sienna, long and lean. I can’t believe how big they are getting. Sienna is so inquisitive about everything. She wants to know why and how and so interested in everything she sees and hears. Penny is saying things like, “Actually, I like this.” Or, “This is really tricky Mom, right?” I hope she never changes the way she says, “rightttt?”

We landed in Florida and were swept up in party planning. My little sister was getting married and we planned a party and a bachelorette weekend in Miami. I left Sammy and the kids for the first time since Penny was born, and it was the best time! It was a great group of girls and I’ll keep those memories forever. We pulled off a beautiful bridal shower and I was so happy to see my sister and her husband-to-be so loved. It was a beautiful evening only topped by their actual wedding day, which was such a dream. We flew to Puerto Rico and spent the wedding week eating and eating and laughing with more eating. It was wonderful. The wedding day was an absolute dream. We danced so much, ate delicious paella, and laughed some more. It was just the perfect day.

Sienna and Penny wore these beautiful dresses made here in Turkey and they looked like angels. They loved having their moment walking down the aisle and Penny was so excited that she kept walking back and forth from the seats to where the bridesmaids were all throughout the ceremony. :)

This summer will always be special to me, not just because my sister married the love of her life, but because everyone was together and happy and ready to celebrate love. It was what a summer should be, long days filled with laughter, good food and family.

I’m so ready for the school year to start! This is my favorite time of year. Everyone takes a breath and slows down a little. I found small pumpkins for the first time in the grocery store this week, and I got so excited. You usually don’t see small pumpkins in Turkey, or at least I have never seen them! I also decided to go back to school, which can only make things more interesting.

Happy (soon to be) Fall!