Hello! It's been a while. 

Short story long, we're in the states! We arrived a few days ago. It's been a very sleepy, very foggy few days. I forgot how bad the jet lag is, but we're coming around. We've had a lot of ice cream dates, and it's been so wonderful. I can't let this post go by without mentioning that the "duck crackling with cherry preserves" flavor in Salt and Straw is delicious. Duck ice cream, who knew! 

June completely flew by. Sammy had a long playoff stint that brought his team all the way to the finals, which was really exciting. We then took a small trip to Verona and it was the small break that we needed. We ate our weight in pasta and gelato, and it was amazing! I have some photos to share and I'll do that soon! We even took a spontaneous trip to Venice, which was a dream. 

Sienna and Penny both finished school and I just can't get over how much they thrived this year. We were so nervous about Sienna and her being in the first grade. Even Penny, starting pre-school and being away from home, even if it was only a few hours. We worried so much but these girls keep surprising us with their ability to adapt and learn! They keep us going and I'm so thankful for them. 

Anyway, summer is officially here and I'm sure more ice cream is on the books for us! Happy Friday everybody!