Hello may


I won't bore you with where I've been, but there was a small case of strep throat and a short trip to Izmir. The girls thought about getting sick, but didn't follow through, thankfully, but again those details are not necessary. :) 

It's May and Sammy's season is almost finished. Sienna is almost done with first grade, which I can't even believe, and Penny got her first taste of pre-school. We decided that it was time for her to go to school and since we have a couple of weeks left here, why not now?! She is loving it so far, and I'm so glad. I debated so long about sending her, but ultimately decided it was time. I felt this invisible pressure or guilt about sending her. Does she need to be with me all day? What if she feels abandoned? Am i being selfish? My thoughts aren't usually rational, but that's what was going through my mind. I wanted her to be with me at home a bit longer, but I also knew she needed a little more. She is thriving and is so happy to go. She puts on her little backpack in the morning and walks out the door without looking back. I'm so proud of my girls! 

A couple of weeks ago we were looking for something to do on Sammy's day off. We usually like to stay local, but sometimes we get the itch to do something different. Since the season is almost ending and in keeping with our quest to see as much of Bursa as possible, we drove up the mountain to see the famous 600 year old tree. It was beautiful, to say the least. The tree covers a large part of shaded area and the branches quite literally, join you for tea. 


I mean, what a beauty! The tree was pretty nice too. :) Does anyone else love May? It's the best month in my opinion. The weather is a little cooler than June, and the month brings so much excitement for summer. I'm not even mad that April flew by. 

Happy Monday everybody!