Penny at 3

Penny at 3

Hi! Happy Monday.

This girl is unofficially, officially potty trained. I say unofficially because she's not doing everything in the potty, but we won't talk about that, yet. I took the week off thinking it was going to be a nightmare, like potty training Sienna was, but she's done so well. I mean, she should. I like to wait until they're a bit older to potty train. I want them to understand me completely, and she does. Potty training a second child is so much easier. There's less stress and you know what you're doing! All the accidents and spills don't bother you as much. Gosh, our poor first borns. 

Also, can we talk about how much space you have in your bag without diapers! I can actually put my things in there now. The possibilities are endless when your toddler becomes a big girl. I'm also incredibly sad that she's growing up. I know children have to grow. This isn't new information to me, but damn it goes by so fast! People without children are probably sick of hearing this, but it's so true. Somebody asked me a few days ago what I miss most about having a baby, and I said the late night feedings. Those were killer for me. Waking up every two hours to feed your baby and change their diaper whilst being half asleep were not fun, but they are the times I think about most. It was just Penny and me and The Nanny. She smiled for the first time in one of those early morning feedings. It was blissful! 

I'm sure I had aged more these last six years than any time in my life, but man, they make me so happy. I'm so grateful for them!