I sing the song about Constantinople every time I'm driving to Istanbul. It's just so catchy. :) First of all, I got the flu, which is why I've been so silent here. Does anyone else think about all the times you took your health for granted, especially when you're laying in bed lathered in vapor rub? I always find myself thinking fondly about the last time my head wasn't pounding and about the last time I could breathe through my nose. I have this whole crisis, it's kind of funny. I start planning my next cleanse and I start thinking about quitting sugar again, because for sure, that's why I'm getting sick so often. 

Should I eat more greens? Does a healthy diet create a strong immune system? Should I take more vitamins? So many questions. Well, I started my green smoothies again and I'm just going to ride this wave until I'm sick of them. Health and wellness is so fickle to me because there's always a new fad on the market and new vitamins to take. So how do you pick one? Is this creating a lifestyle? Oh jeez, I'm off on a tangent. I'm better and alive so, on to Istanbul! 

My dad came to visit for the weekend. He was in England working on his Phd and needed a little break. The girls were so happy and so was I. It was short and sweet and we're so thankful! We went down to our favorite spot, Bebek. The weather was so nice so we walked by the pier. Some photos! 


My favorite guys.

The girls loved having Ilo (short for Abuelo) around and so did I. I've gotten so many visitors this year, it makes me so happy. This season has completely flown by, because we've been so distracted! Whenever I go to Istanbul, and even here in Bursa, I feel so lucky to be living here. I really resented traveling before, especially when I was missing my family, but now I just feel so lucky for these experiences we'll have. 

Sammy and I talk all the time about how much we've grown to love living in Europe. I want to remember every day to be thankful. Have a good and healthy week!