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It's Christmas Time!

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It's Christmas Time!

Hello! We needed some Christmas spirit in the house so we decided to take our Christmas photos today! I will politely be removed from this year’s Christmas picture, because I currently look like someone ran over my back. Hahahaha. (That’s some herniated disk humor). No one ran me over, but, no one warned me when I was pregnant that picking up your sleeping child would have severe repercussions. All this to say, I have two beautiful herniated disks. My prognosis is pretty good, so I’m trying to be positive. If Sammy reads this he’ll laugh because I’m not being positive at all. Back pain bloody sucks, and I’ll tell anyone who asks me. I’m aching to go to the grocery store, and I want to move without having an aching pain. How I took for granted all those times I got out of bed without thinking, “I’m going to break my spine!”

The saddest part of this saga was not being able to cook Thanksgiving dinner. There was no turkey, no stuffing, no cranberries eaten this week. No pie! It’ll all be fine. I’m sure there will be a raincheck later. I silently sobbed looking through all my Instagram stories this week.

In better news, Christmas is only a few weeks away! It’s the best time of the year and these photos make me so happy. These girls have been little troopers with me, and I couldn’t love them more. They chose a prop this year and I love it.

No disks were harmed during this shoot.


Can I just say, the kindness shown to us here in Turkey, by our friends, will never be forgotten. I’ve never met such giving, kind people. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I was feeling really down last week. I didn’t really feel like laying in bed for hours. There’s just so much Netflix that you can watch. I wanted to be cooking and Christmas shopping for the girls. I had so many plans. And they can still be done, albeit a little slower and stiffer. Cookies can still be baked. The season will live on. I’m being dramatic now, so I’ll end this post by saying don’t forget to bend those knees friends!

Big shoutout to my husband who was taking care of three kids basically. I love you!