New Year's Intentions

New Year's Intentions

Every January I take some time and think about the new year and what I would like to achieve. I don't take these very seriously, but it's nice to set goals and have a little motivation in the new year. I feel like my resolutions always have something to do with health, because every year we're so desperately trying to fight the flu! It's quite the tradition in our family for someone to get sick the first week of January. Last year Penny had bronchitis. The year before it was Sienna. This year it was my turn. No bronchitis for me, thankfully. Anyway, I guess another resolution of mine is to take more vitamins! Here are some of my intentions for this year:

-Take time for my health and well being. Whether that is finding time to do some yoga or just taking a trip alone to the grocery store. (My fave.) It's the little things. 

-Take more photos. Not just of the girls, but of me too. When we're older, all the photo albums will be just photos of Sammy and the girls. I was alive too! :)

-Read more books. Listen to more podcasts! 

-De-clutter; buy less things.  

-Stop caring so much about things that won't matter tomorrow. Or next week. Or next year. Toughhhhh. 

-Support more companies created by women. 

This list seems doable. I guess I could also intend to drink more water, but who are we kidding? :) 

I would love to hear about your intentions for the new year!