My Current Reads

My Current Reads

Are you guys big readers? I think the number one thing most mothers say is that they don't have time to read. Which can be true depending on what stage of motherhood you're in. When Penny was a baby I much preferred watching tv-shows since it was an easier pastime. As she got older and was sleeping longer, I started reading again. I've always prioritized reading even if it was for twenty minutes before bed. Reading the bible, reading a magazine, reading blogs! Anything I could find.  

One of the best things in life, in my opinion, is finding a book, delving into a story and escaping for a little bit. The genres I read vary from time to time, since I love so many different things. Sometimes I want to be inspired, or amused. And sometimes I want to be in 17th century Scotland. Anything goes for me.

 I thought I would share what I'm currently reading now. 

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up. This book deserves a post of her own, which I will be doing soon. Marie Kondo delved into so much more than tidying and it kind of blew my mind. So good. 

The Girls. I'm a sucker for anything that might have, could have, was inspired by true events/people. This book centers around the Manson family/murders. It wasn't my favorite but it was still fascinating to read how young girls can be so manipulated by men with power. 

How to be Parisian Wherever you are. This was fun. Aren't we all just trying to be chic like the french? Maybe just me. I love the way they view beauty and femininity. It's a nice read if you're looking for some beauty/fashion inspiration. 

All the Light we Cannot See. Nazis in occupied France. Commence bawling. I haven't finished this yet, but I'm excited to. I did read The Nightingale (kind of similar) this summer and it destroyed me. I was crying so hard while Sam was asleep next to me. Ha. It was beautiful. 

The Wisdom of Sundays. Oprah, the queen of conversation, is sharing some of her favorite interviews.  I haven't finished this either, but I'm ready for some wisdom! 

Bloom. Maybe the prettiest book I own. Estée Lalonde, the glow-goddess-aesthetic queen. I found her on youtube and have loved her ever since. Her book dives into her childhood and how she came to be in London, her experiences and love for her home. She also created a podcast called the heart of it, and the episode with her mom made me cry for a legit five minutes. I'm praying for a home decor book. Estée, make it happen. 

What have you been reading lately? Please share!